atlanta + amsterdam: bikes

This week's theme of the project atlanta + amsterdam is bikes! It’s funny how this project already made me look with different eyes at all the bikes in this city, shifting them in polaroid worthy and non-polaroid worthy. 

Anyway, Amsterdam is considered the second bike city in the world, after Copenhagen. There are more bikes than inhabitants in this city, as some people have one ugly / old bicycle and a fancy / beautiful / vintage one for special rides to one of the local coffee bars (Just kidding).The first one would make you shrug your shoulders while mumbling something like “Whatever…” when it got stolen, while the second one, well, that’s another story. But this is where the '1,5 bike per person' comes from.

Because of the large quantity of bikes in the city they are literally everywhere! Every bridge, street lamp or wall is covered in bicycles. And so is this overgrown wall in the Jordaan area…

You can head over to Andrea’s blog hula seventy for the story behind her polaroid (isn’t it lovely?!) Oh, and maybe it’s nice to tell that although it looks like we coordinated our bike shot; we didn’t. Honestly. It’s just one of those serendipitous things that happen sometimes, and which I love so much.

Have a lovely evening, guys!


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