New York + Amsterdam | something vintage

Week two of the Polaroid project New York + Amsterdam, this week’s theme: something vintage.

Left: photo by Aundre Larrow
Right: photo by Joyce de Lange | On a hazy morning

Read more about this project in our first post!

New York + Amsterdam

New York + Amsterdam (a polaroid project)

A few years ago I had an idea for a polaroid project, in which I would collaborate with an online photographer friend, to create something magical together, and some lightness in the weirdness of the world wide webs. My idea was to show two different cities, from two different perspectives, in the pastel and soft aesthetics of polaroid film. Together with the lovely Andrea Jenkins I created Atlanta + Amsterdam. It was kind of magical to share this creative connection with someone I never met in real life, and I loved it so much that I knew I had to do the project again, but with another photographer, from another city. Today is the day I proudly present part two of the project, this time with my amazing and talented friend Aundre Larrow, from Brooklyn, New York.

Over the course of the following weeks we will both share a polaroid each Sunday, following a theme. We will show you our perspective, both from New York and Amsterdam, and both shot with a polaroid camera, on 600 film. Today we’ll start with our portraits, follow along if you like! 

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atlanta + amsterdam | city scape

This week is the 12th (what?) and last post of the atlanta + amsterdam collab with Andrea, and this week we thought CITYSCAPE would be a great theme to end our series with. One of the reasons for us both to be excited about running this project is that we would get to see the differences and similarities between Andrea's Atlanta and my Amsterdam. There were similarities, and there were differences, too. But what I personally loved most would be the thrill of working on something cool with one of the people who inspired me most to shoot (instant) film. Thank you for being such an inspiration, my friend! 

On the left; Andrea's polaroid of Atlanta, in gorgeous colours! On the right; Amsterdam on a beautiful winter day, this week.

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Have an inspiring day, people!

X Joyce