atlanta + amsterdam: buildings

Today is the day of the first official post of the atlanta + amsterdam project, of Andrea and me. Our first theme is buildings. An abandoned building (and a tiny pedestrian) in Atlanta and a light blue corner building in Amsterdam. 

When I started thinking about my polaroid for the theme buildings I knew I had to shoot this one, because it's unmistakably Amsterdam. It's one of my favourite buildings in a neighbourhood I adore: De Jordaan. I love the textures of this corner building, the light blue chipped paint, the ivy growing wildly and the quirky cat eye glasses in the window. And of course the bicycles everywhere, which is so typically Amsterdam as well. 

For both Andrea and me this is such an interesting project; to surprise each other every week with new polaroids of our cities, and to find differences and similarities between our lives in Atlanta and Amsterdam, to see the cities through the lenses of our beloved SX-70 cameras. 

We have a, still secret, list of 11 more exciting themes to come, for another 11 weeks of atlanta + amsterdam !

Please check out Andrea's (wonderful!) blog for her story. You can find the introduction to our project AND our portraits on polaroid in our previous post.