atlanta + amsterdam | vintage

Hey people! A new post for the atlanta + amsterdam project! This week the theme is vintage, and what else did you expect of two photographers with a HUGE love for vintage cameras?

The Kodak Instamatic is the first camera I ever shot with. I got it from my grandmother who used to have a photography shop in Amsterdam, my grandfather was a photographer, as well as one of their sons, my father's brother. When my grandmother had to close the shop in the late '90's, after about fifty years, she gifted me my very first camera; exactly the same model as in my polaroid below. How proud I was!

Back then I was totally crazy about horses, so the only subject I shot those days were horses and ponies. I remember the excitement so well when a roll of film was all exposed, racing to the store on my bike to get it developed (oh, the waiting!) and printed. 

Unfortunately I lost that particular camera, but when I found this one at the thrift store I knew I just HAD TO buy it, even though it didn't work anymore due to a leaking battery. Oh and the funny thing about this thrifted camera is that when I bought it and came home I found an exposed roll of film inside! When I got it developed it turned out to be a vintage treasure; funny photos from decades back with nuns on it.

For Andrea's story; please check out her blog Hulaseventy. For more about our atlanta + amsterdam collaboration you can check out the journal. Have you seen the beautiful old cars from last week?

Have a fantastic weekend, guys!