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International destination wedding photography

Are you planning an international wedding in one of the beautiful European destinations like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal or the United Kingdom and looking for a photographer? We're centrally located in Amsterdam and can travel easily all over Europe, or even further, to capture your wedding.

We are a photography duo from Amsterdam. On a hazy morning weddings is the wedding platform of On a hazy morning, our travel, interior & lifestyle photography company. The best way to describe our photography is visual storytelling, editorial style.

We are two creatives, living in a tiny but cozy apartment in Amsterdam with our cats, we’re both vegetarians with a huge love for animals, forests and mountains.

How we work

We are very passionate about photography and love to tell a good story in a creative and organic way. A story about you, your family, friends, the atmosphere, the beautiful light and all the details that you’ve created with love. That’s why we always work as a duo, to capture not only the important scenes and emotions during the day, but everything that makes the story complete. Because we want to make sure that you still can feel that special atmosphere of your wedding day, even years and years later!

Therefore we think it’s important to get to know each other better and know we have a good feeling from both sides. It's really important that you feel comfortable around us, because we believe that’s the only way to make something spectacular.

To tell a complete story we would love to be with you from the moment you get ready for the day. It’s always a wonderful moment to capture the bride getting dressed, with the help of a loved one and to take photos of the groom knotting his tie. The groom seeing his bride for the first time and every special moment during the day, until the night falls. 

We would love to hear all about your wedding plans!

Andres & Joyce

On a hazy morning weddings
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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