Shoot Bloom Magazine | cover and photo essay

Bloom Magazine cover by On a hazy morning

Bloom Magazine, a new magazine about gardening, nature and inspiration, asked us to photograph the cover of their first issue and published our photo essay about the annual seed collection at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam.

You can find more of our photography for Bloom here:

Citinerary x on a hazy morning | Town Talk #1 'Vogelbuurt' preview

Citinerary | Amsterdam North Vogelbuurt | Kay and Evelyn

Ever wondered how various locals live and where they play? In collaboration with on a hazy morning, Citinerary brings the neighbourhoods to you, starting with Amsterdam.

We give you a glance of hyperlocal Amsterdam through our Town Talk series.

First stop: de Vogelbuurt ‘Bird-area’… here’s a sneak peek, stay tuned!