Exploring Marche | part three

Today I would like to share my third and last post of my recent trip to Marche, Italy. 

In my previous posts I showed our adventures of day one and two. On the third day we explored the stunning towns Montecarotto and Matelica, where we visited their historic theaters and strolled around in the narrow streets lined with colourful houses. We went to a couple of wineries and an 'enoteca' to try the region's beautiful wines. Very interesting to taste the different Verdicchio wines from this region. And at the end of the day we had a delicious dinner in our hotel in Genga, where we were all a little sad because we actually didn't want to leave already!

Dear Italian friends, thank you for this fantastic experience! You showed us Marche in the most perfect way; authentic and truly wonderful. There's really so much to explore and to enjoy, and I can't wait to go back for another adventure. A presto!

Love, Joyce