atlanta + amsterdam | city scape

This week is the 12th (what?) and last post of the atlanta + amsterdam collab with Andrea, and this week we thought CITYSCAPE would be a great theme to end our series with. One of the reasons for us both to be excited about running this project is that we would get to see the differences and similarities between Andrea's Atlanta and my Amsterdam. There were similarities, and there were differences, too. But what I personally loved most would be the thrill of working on something cool with one of the people who inspired me most to shoot (instant) film. Thank you for being such an inspiration, my friend! 

On the left; Andrea's polaroid of Atlanta, in gorgeous colours! On the right; Amsterdam on a beautiful winter day, this week.

To see the other 11 diptychs (what about our favourite buildings or about bikes or our beloved vintage cameras) you can check out the journal and Andrea's blog

Have an inspiring day, people!

X Joyce

atlanta + amsterdam | home

It's Thursday, so that means a new post for the atlanta + amsterdam project! This week Andrea and I have polaroids for you with the theme 'home'. In my polaroid, on the right, I've captured the cozy spot with the vintage table and chairs in our bay window, which feels so much like home to me. In these moody winter days this is the brightest spot in our Amsterdam apartment, where we soak up the daylight as much as we can. I love the fairy lights and the collection of cacti in their terra cotta pots. And I love that our cats often sit there to enjoy the view outside (read: the birds in the tree). It's definitely one of my favourite spots in our home.

On the left you can see the beautiful red door of Andrea, ready for Christmas and other festivities this month. Isn't it lovely?

Have you seen last week's theme 'celebrations' yet? Or my personal favourite 'vintage'? Oh, and if you like to read more about our collaboration atlanta + amsterdam you can find it in our first post

atlanta + amsterdam | cars

This week, in our atlanta + amsterdam project, we have CARS for you. The little black car, a vintage Fiat 500, is a popular one in Amsterdam because they're so tiny and easy to park. And because they're super cute, of course! One day I will have one of my own, a little black one, please. :)

For Andrea's story; please head over to her blog. You can find more about the polaroid collab with Andrea Jenkins in the introduction of atlanta + amsterdam.