Canon x On a hazy morning | City Guide Amsterdam

Together with Canon we’ve worked on a city guide of Amsterdam, to show some of our favourite spots and inspire you to photograph these places from a different perspective. It’s an interesting mix of old and modern architecture, some typical Dutch ‘flavours’, a green oase in the middle of the city and some bold coloured urban streets. 

Yesterday we went on a boat trip through the city, to visit three of these spots with a great group of bloggers. They were able to test a couple of newly introduced cameras, including the EOS M3. During the trip we were there to help them with the cameras and provide them with some tips to improve their photography. It was an inspiring and sunny afternoon!

Canon stadsgidsen city guide  Amsterdam - come and see - On a ha

Besides the Amsterdam city guide there are also city guides (made in collaboration with some awesome artists!) of London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin and Milan.

Please check out the Canon Come And See website to find all guides!

Canon x on a hazy morning

Do you remember our trip to Istanbul in December? The project that was all covered in mystery and which we have been so excited about? 

Well, we are thrilled to finally reveal what we’ve been secretly working on over the last few months… We’ve been working with Canon; On a hazy morning is part of the advertising campaign for the new camera EOS M3!! 

For this campaign we went to beautiful Istanbul for almost a week where we had the chance to photograph and film with this camera, while we were exploring the colourful streets of this interesting Turkish metropole. During our explorations we were followed by a film- and photography crew and today we can finally share the video and imagery with you!

Photo by Henrik Knudsen

But first of all a little bit more about the camera; the Canon EOS M3 is a compact system camera and can be paired with a range of changeable lenses. With a special mount adapter you can even use other Canon lenses. In our work as photographers we shoot with 5D cameras and lenses of the L-series, which we could also use on the EOS M3. For example; we’ve tried the 50mm f/1.2 lens on the EOS M3 camera while filming and we were so impressed with the results; super crisp quality with a beautiful and dreamy depth of field. We like that!

Photo by Henrik Knudsen

As lifestyle and travel photographers we are often shooting pretty street scenes. Architecture, details of a city, but also people and their styles. With this compact camera it’s easy to take candid shots, especially because of it’s size, the fact that you can tilt the screen up and down and control several functions using the touch screen. 

Photo by Henrik Knudsen


Of course we can easily write for another hour about all great features, but it’s much more fun to watch the video and check out the photos of our trip! Enjoy!

On the Canon website you can find more about our trip to Istanbul, as well as the camera specs.

Also, did you know about the Canon's Come and See initiative? Come and See is all about capturing stories that unfold around us, every day. Here you can find inspiration and learn about techniques. 

We really enjoyed working with Canon and the amazing crew on this project. It was a great experience to explore the streets of Istanbul, we'll definitely go back one day!  

Andres & Joyce