A day with AlascA

A few weeks ago we spent a day with AlascA, a Dutch folk and European country band. That day they were doing the release gig of their second album Prospero in Paradiso in Amsterdam, the venue which is considered one of the most awesome in the country. And to top it off they even had the chance to perform at the very popular Dutch tv show De Wereld Draait Door, on the very same evening! Super exciting.

The day was packed with the most relaxed, cool and talented musicians and their manager, mister Calm himself. A navy van, filled to the brim with vintage carpets, lots of guitars, drums, a piano, a trumpet and a banjo. A couple of sound checks, The Beatles’ Blackbird and the band’s own In Medias Res. A stage, dreamy filtered light through the old church windows of Paradiso and a red, bright tv studio. A whole bunch of older and new fans, eagerly waiting for the band to arrive. And last but not least: music. Lots and lots of fantastic, beautiful music, made by people who are clearly so passionated about what they love most.