Pistachio Milk | a recipe

Pistachio Milk food photography Amsterdam

Lately I've been experimenting a lot with our power blender, a Vitamix we bought as a Christmas present for ourselves. Super healthy fruit and vegetable juices, nut butters, hazelnut chocolate spread (oy!) and all kinds of nut or seeds milks; almond, cashew, coconut, hazelnut and even hemp! This week I've tried to make pistachio milk and it was SO GOOD! Super smooth and creamy with a delicious nutty taste and slightly sweet, definitely a keeper!

Pistachio milk, for two glasses:

150 gram organic pistachios, oven roasted for 10 minutes at 140 degrees Celsius, cooled down

5 dl cold water

Optional: 1-2 soft Medjoul dates, pits removed 

Put the pistachios in your power blender with the water, blend on high speed until smooth, this will take about 3 minutes. I've also used two Medjoul dates to make it extra delicious, but if you don't like your nut milk sweet you can leave them out.