atlanta + amsterdam | art

Week number nine of the atlanta + amsterdam project; we have ART for you! Street art, from Atlanta and Amsterdam.

This piece, in the right photo, is my favourite street art in the city. It's made by artist duo The London Police, back in 2009, at one of the historical canal buildings at Prinsengracht. There's been a lot of controversy about it, and for a while the city council even wanted it to be removed. But fortunately it's still there, so people can enjoy the wonderful work they made. And take polaroids of it. :)

On the left you can see the colourful street art in Atlanta, in Andrea's polaroid. If you like you can head over to her blog Hulaseventy to read the story behind it. And if you're there, make sure to check out her other work as well. Andrea is such an inspiring person!

Love, Joyce