A GIVEAWAY! | Ogreen Clean Machines

Ogreen giveaway by On a hazy morning Amsterdam

As you all know we really have a thing for plants. We just love them in our home and we strongly believe you can never have too many. Plants are pretty, they add a lot to the atmosphere of a home. Big plants, small plants, prickly plants, plants with beautiful green leaves… we love them all! 

But there’s also another great thing about plants: they are good for you! Plants are good for your health, boost your productivity and even creativity! Plants with leaves purify the air from toxic substances, which can be found in every house or building, and provide you with fresh air and oxygen. For example; our two Ogreen plants together are good for 40 m2 of clean air! Pretty great to see what plants can do, right?

Well, the people behind Ogreen reached out to us and asked if we wanted to do a giveaway for our followers, and we thought: YES, let’s do that! We can even choose THREE winners, and the only thing you have to do to enter is: 

Go to our Facebook page, like the post and write your name in a comment and why you think we should choose you (maybe you would like to give one to the favourite person in your life, or your sister who just started a new yoga studio, or...), and of course your favourite Ogreen plant, which you can choose from on the Ogreen website! Next Monday, October 19, the contest closes at noon, after that we will pick the three winners and Ogreen will take care of the shipment. That’s all!

Good luck, all you green thumbed people! 

This time the giveaway is only for our Dutch readers, as the plants are not really fond of long travels overseas, but we'll promise to do an international giveaway soon! Yay!

You can find out more about Ogreen, their Clean Machines and the interesting process on their website.