Exploring Marche | part two

This is part two of the series of photographs I shot in Marche, Italy. In the first post about this beautiful part of Italy I've written some more about why I went there and the location of Marche, you can read it here.

The photos I share today are all shot on the second day of the trip, when we went to see the gorgeous towns Arcevia, Serra San Quirico and Sassoferrato. The people seemed to know exactly that we were coming to visit their towns, as many people were welcoming us from their door steps and shops. We even got to meet the mayors of Arcevia and Mergo, isn't that great?! 

In the afternoon we went on a guided tour at the ruins of Sentinum, an ancient city from the Roman age, close to Sassoferrato. So fascinating to walk on the cobbled stones with traces of the horse carts, and realising there had been a city dating back to the Roman Empire. Definitely another highlight of the trip!